Davines is a family owned, Italian company. Founded in 1983 by the Bollati family in Parma, Italy. Focused on providing quality products, using renewable energy (solar, wind and water powered) Davines is about as natural and eco-friendly as it comes for the beauty industry. Being a European brand, the restrictions as far as chemicals and what you can claim as being "organic" are much more strict than American regulations.

The packing is all made with recycled materials, and food grade- you could literally EAT out of the conditioner container! For many years they have maintained a carbon dioxide neutral packaging system through LifeGate Zero Impact policy- meaning they offset all carbon dioxide omissions from the packaging of their materials by creating/planting and protecting growing forests in various parts of the world!  The aroma is light and fresh, the styling products are very high quality and easy to work with- the color- absolutely seamless and has a reflective quality I've never before!